Monday, February 1, 2010

Caressa Cameron Wins 2010 Miss America Contest

Black Woman, Caressa Cameron Wins 2010 Miss America Contest
I think this is great but why the label? If I had won the Miss America Contest would it say White Woman, Dana McKenzie Wins 2010 Miss America Contest? Of course not. This article is written by Dr Boyce Watkins, and his web articles and website is worth reading. He is an African American and I don't want to come off preaching as it's not his writing or opinion that I'm out of sorts with - it's the headline label that grated on me; is this headline perceived as OK if it's within your 'labelled' type? Does it add more impact. Does Caressa even care or am I on my own.

This article aroused my point of view on labels; I'm sick of everything and everyone having a label, human beings in particular being pigeonholed that's all.

Am I a woman? or
Am I a mid 40's, mid sized, curvy, opinionated, well dressed, open-minded, flirtatious, large breasted, long legged, white almost pasty skinned, beady eyed, dog loving, contented in her relationship, average height woman?

Where is the line drawn?

There I've had my rant. Congratulations Caressa Cameron and I know for you it'll be alright on the night

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